Stormwater & Drainage Management

Storm preparation can help mitigate risk and lessen negative impact. The OEI stormwater management division works to protect areas vulnerable to stormwater. To shield exposed areas, we devise a stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP), which puts in place necessary systems that methodically redirect stormwater to the least dangerous route.

In the event of a flood, excess water either flows into a storm sewer, a detention or retention pond, or into other flood control retention improvements. Our team can accurately determine the storm event, how long it will last, and where the water will go. Once we have predicted the water route, we determine the mechanics of how to best reroute the flow.

The Clean Water Act requires communities to control stormwater discharge and protect surface water. OEI works within these communities to ensure new systems are compliant with existing infrastructure by working directly with regulatory agencies to reduce non-compliance issues.

The OEI stormwater team reduces flooding and enhances drainage management by routing rainfall events to areas that remove the flood threat, ultimately improving public safety and mobility and reducing the risk of lost property. Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to meet design requirements and regulatory compliances to reduce drainage issues and enhance drainage designs, while assisting clients in flood mitigation and water quality management.

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