Rich Oller

CEO | Principal

Rich is a graduate of Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville in Civil/Sanitary engineering and a graduate of Texas Tech University civil engineering Master of Science with a specialization in Water Resources. Rich brings 35 years of engineering design and construction experience in water, water supply, wastewater process analysis, wastewater treatment design, pipeline, collection system and booster stations and lift station design. Not only does he have experience in the design of these systems, but he also has been an operator and worked for a utility contractor building systems and treatment processes.

Additionally, Rich has held the position of Assistant City Manager-Director of Public Works and City Manager for League City,

Texas. Rich is active in TML, Texas Water Utility Operators Association, AWWA, WEF, TPWA and various agricultural high school programs.

Water and Wastewater are Rich’s passion and equal to this passion is ranching on the Oller-nothin Ranch where Akaushi bulls are crossed with Red Angus cows. Rich is also a woodworker and builder. Growing up he and his father built all the houses that they lived in and remodeled many for friends and family. Today Rich still pursues hands-on building of projects from framing to cabinets, tables and mantles. He and his wife Kim built their outdoor kitchen and have completed numerous deck builds for family.

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“I have always been the ultimate tinkerer and builder, fascinated by the way things work and operate. My goal is always to develop designs that are simple and operationally friendly.”