Adam Valenzuela





CAD Designer | Certified Floodplain Manager

Valenzuela is a graduate of Texas Tech University with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. He brings over ten years of experience in his field to OEI with projects that include drainage basin delineation, stormwater runoff, culvert sizing, and piping network size calculations. In addition to his engineering background, Valenzuela is a Certified Floodplain Manager and is knowledgeable in current requirements for floodplain designs. He can assist with projects and developments with design placement and in mediating flood zone building requirements. Valenzuela has extensive knowledge of CAD applications and allows for additional QA/QC monitoring for project questions. One of OEI’s areas of expertise is water resources and Valenzuela functions as the firm’s team lead for CAD designs and consults on various infrastructure projects. When he is not at work, Valenzuela enjoys spending time at home with his wife, Maricruz, and their family.


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– Antoine de Saint-Exupery