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Oller Engineering opens new office in Waco

Oller Engineering is looking to move into Central Texas. The company held a grand opening Monday, at its second location. The ribbon-cutting allowed for Oller Engineering Incorporated(OEI) to give the Waco community a chance to get to know the company. OEI...

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In Loving Memory of Bo Griffin

Danny "Bo" E. Griffin July 7, 1957 - March 8, 2019 On March 8, 2019 a truly dedicated public servant left this world for the next. In his unexpected passing he left all of us a difficult but defined path to follow. You see “Bo”, as he was known to all, was a dedicated...

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What Causes Green Water?

Eutrophication is a continuing problem throughout the state of Texas. It’s a funny sounding word but carries serious repercussions that can be controlled by understanding what causes this to happen. What is eutrophication? What causes this to occur? What can we do to correct the effects of eutrophication?

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Sustainable Water Supplies

New Insights to Sustainable Water Supplies OEI is involved in numerous water treatment systems where additional treatment or advanced innovative treatment is required to meet primary and secondary drinking water standards because of the raw water quality of their...

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TWUA 2018 Annual Conference Presentation

STP Renovation Options to Optimize Treated Effluent for Potable Reuse Rich Oller, PE recently presented at the annual TWUA Conference in Corpus Christi on reuse options that improve sustainable municipal water supplies. We have recreated his presentation here. [video...

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Water Scarcity Issues

Water, Water Everywhere … and Soon Not a Drop to Drink? The earth is mostly water, but approximately 98% of this planet’s water is salt water, leaving less than 2% percent of it as fresh water. Of that 2%, even less than that is considered potable—water that is...

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