Oller Engineering is looking to move into Central Texas. The company held a grand opening Monday, at its second location.

The ribbon-cutting allowed for Oller Engineering Incorporated(OEI) to give the Waco community a chance to get to know the company.

OEI says it will provide Waco with leading water and wastewater engineering services made possible through state-of-the-art technologies.

Founder Rich Oller said Monday, “We came to Waco because we have several clients in the area and we have been doing work off and on for the past six years.”

OEI currently offers services west of Waco and already has operations all over Texas, including Lubbock, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio.
“We just decided it was time to serve the clients we have, to have an office here and to give the communities another choice for engineers who specialize in water resources,” Oller said.