Danny “Bo” E. Griffin

July 7, 1957 – March 8, 2019

On March 8, 2019 a truly dedicated public servant left this world for the next. In his unexpected passing he left all of us a difficult but defined path to follow. You see “Bo”, as he was known to all, was a dedicated public servant to the City of Andrews for more than 30 years. In this time, he became the Director of Utilities for the City and always was on the forefront of developing and maintaining water for the City. He was also a passionate advocate for water in West Texas and all of Texas. He was passionate about his Dallas Cowboys and ironically their blue color was the cooling blue of plentiful clean acquiescent water. His path that he left for all of us to follow is simple:

  • always be willing to assist others in need;
  • be an advocate for what is right and fair in all that we do;
  • live with faith and courage;
  • be mindful of the precious resource of water and to protect and use it wisely.

You see he knew that providing a sustainable water supply of the highest quality possible was the lifeline for his City and for Texas. The most notable trait that I learned from him was to be courageous, which encompasses community, humility, integrity, honesty, faith and forgiveness. I personally will strive to follow the path “Bo” has cut and will always strive to contribute to his legacy.

Thanks “Bo” for your leadership, it is already missed!