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TCEQ Water Operations Company

We are excited to announce that TCEQ has recognized OEI as a Water Operations Company. OEI has obtained its certification from TCEQ as a certified contract operations group and we are already helping Greenwood Water Supply Corporation, Mustang Station Electrical...

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Water Rights

Like oil, potable drinking water is a commodity and is becoming harder to find and develop. All of us in the water industry continually deal with and are confronted with increasing demand and decreasing supply. Whether these decreases are from drought conditions or increased growth and over-allocation of existing supplies, both create concerns in securing water for current and future demands.

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TCEQ RO Rule Changes

New TCEQ rules concerning membrane treatment allow smaller reverse osmosis (RO) to be approved without a pilot plant test being performed. If a proposed RO system is 300 gallons per minute or less, then a pilot plant test is not required. I have designed RO installations using the new rule for flow rates less than 300 gpm.

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UV Disinfection for our Drinking Water

UV Disinfection is a tried-and-true disinfection process for wastewater effluent, especially where effluent is discharged to a receiving stream or lake. UV has been studied since 2002 for use in drinking water disinfection, but its use has not been approved by all regulatory agencies. Chlorine is the choice for residual disinfection; however, when combined with organics, chlorination by-products can result.

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Revised Coliform Rules

EPA has issued a compliance order to all states requiring routine monitoring of Total Coliforms (TC) and E.coli (EC) levels in the public drinking water system. The mandate from EPA was revised and referred to as Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) 78 FR 10269, February 13, 2013, Vol. 78, No. 30.

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Improving Drinking Water Systems

Recently I was reading an article which identified how to improve the reliability of small drinking water systems and it touched on one of my hot buttons—what can we do, as professional engineers and water resource experts, to educate our colleagues and communities about the challenges of maintaining secure, reliable, and sustainable small water systems?

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